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Age 3-5

Bilingual Immersive Kindergarten

Children from all three levels of kindergarten are combined into multi-age learning groups that are formed based on the activities and language chosen. This grouping promotes peer-to-peer learning in playful and spontaneous conditions and has shown to be beneficial for all involved.

Age 6-10

Bilingual Elementary School

Children in grades 1 to 5 use project-based learning to acquire the solid base that they need in language, maths, history, science, the arts, physical education

Age 11-15

Bilingual Middle School

In grades 6 - 10 classes are taught in French and English in 8 curriculum areas (Language and Literature, Modern Foreign Language, Social Studies, Sciences, Maths, Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education, Design)

Age 16-18

High School

In grades 11 and 12, students will prepare an international or American high school diploma. Courses will be offered in both French and English starting in September 2024.

Enrol for 2023 - 2024 or 2024 - 2025

We welcome applications for students from Kindergarten to grade 10 for the current school year and are additionally accepting applications for grades 11 and 12 for the upcoming year.

Located on a remarkable site with space for outdoor activities, the school is easily accessible by private and public transportation.

Offering an extended schedule during the week, families will find a one-stop, caring, bilingual setting for their children.

We believe that education should be

International,  because children who learn about what makes them who they are understand that others can be different and learn to value difference.

Bilingual, because children who are supported as they progress in both languages use English and French to learn.

Rigourous, because children whose teachers use quality curriculum, teach like champions and have high standards reach their full potential.

Caring, because children who spend more time at school than at home need a school community that remembers they are… Children

Frequently asked questions

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Do you need to be fluent in French and English to attend International School Strasbourg?
Will my child's time at International School Strasbourg be recognised in France or my home country?
When can students be admitted?
What options do you offer for before and after school care?

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