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In a specifically adapted, welcoming multilingual setting children aged 3 - 4 use their natural curiosity to discover maths, literacy and the world around them.


Primary School

English-speaking classrooms allow children to grow their maths skills and deepen subject area knowledge. Support for emerging and proficient learners is offered in both French and English.


Middle School

Classes in English cover 8 curriculum areas. French and English Language and literature classes challenge proficient students. Support is offered for emergent language learners and home languages.


High School

All high school students entering grade 11 will prepare an internationally-recognized diploma that can be prepared in either French or English and can include a home language - literature course.

Enrolment for international Families

We accept applications year round and have places reserved for international families. Our non-selective admissions process for international families ensures that they can always find a viable schooling solution when they arrive in Strasbourg.

Located on a remarkable site with space for outdoor activities, the school is easily accessible by private and public transportation. Our closed campus policy ensures that students stay safe from the time they arrive until they are collected.

We are

Open-Minded  We embrace diversity and respect different cultures, beliefs, and perspectives. We encourage students to learn from each other and develop empathy. We are, by nature, inclusive.

Caring We create a caring and supportive environment that encourages students to demonstrate kindness and consideration for each other. We believe that each individual should feel valued and respected.

Knowledgeable We help each student acquire and apply knowledge across a wide spectrum and develop deep understanding of various subjects and concepts.

Balanced Our school schedule offers sufficient time in school to meet our high academic standards while helping students thrive socially and emotionally (yes, there is a life outside of school!)

Frequently asked questions

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