what's important to us

Our Values


Treating children with respect and teaching them to value difference in others creates adults who will make a difference

Academic Rigor

Expecting the best from students and holding students, teachers and administrators to high standards allows each child to reach their full potential.


The mental processes that take place when switching from one language to another support learning in general.


International education allows children to discover other languages, cultures, and values.

The School Community

A school is a community that comes together to meet the needs of the children it educates. Each part of the community (students, teachers, parents, administrators, personnel) actively contributes to this goal. At its core is the teacher-student relationship in which teachers have high expectations for students for whom they want the best. This high-expectation, benevolent relationship is the model for all relationships in the community.

How we teach is as important as what we teach.

School should not only prepare students for a particular diploma or career path, it should prepare them for a meaningful life.

Strasbourg, European capital and one of the homes of the European Parliament needs a dedicated international school. International School Strasbourg will be able to educate children from 3 – 18 in an environment that will ground them in French culture and encourage them to be internationally-minded.

We offer bilingual education and support children learning either French and/or English as well as bilingual children. In addition to French and English language and literature, students will study all curriculum areas (social sciences, sciences, maths, physical education, the arts) in either French or English. The combination of language learning and immersion in a class taught in the language children are learning allows children to progress quickly. International School Strasbourg prepares children for the rigors of an international high school and will offer students the possibility to complete an American High School or IB diploma depending on their profile and needs.

Starting in September 2023 with one kindergarten, one elementary, one middle school and one 10th grade class, we plan to open 11th grade in 2024 and 12th grade in 2025. We anticipate that there will be a full kindergarten program in 2026, full middle school in 2027 and full primary school in 2028.

The school’s legal status “Société à Mission” will offer both the security of a private enterprise and the reassurance that the company works towards a specific mission – in our case international education. A governing board, advisory board and non-profit association ensure that the school’s mission is fulfilled.

What We Do

We provide high-quality international education. We understand the local French context. We conserve the high quality content that the French system offers in a school that is organized and operates in a way that is different from French schools and compatible with students from different cultures.

Why Choose Us

National education systems train citizens of one nation. International education strives to create citizens of the world. We provide localized international education that both grounds children in the richness of French culture and prepares them for life in a multi-cultural world.

Who we are

Leadership Team

Guy Mielcarek


An engineer by training, Guy has built up his expertise in the educational field for forty years in various contexts. Initially as a Professor (Certified then Associate) in secondary and higher education. Then by exercising the functions of management of establishments from 1990 in secondary and higher establishments, public as well as private.

In managerial terms, he took on missions within the ESEN (Higher School of National Education) between 2003 and 2011 for the training of heads of establishments and inspectors of National Education.

Janel Hooven-Boulogne

Head of School

Janel is a highly experienced educator with over 20 years of experience in her field. Her background in project management and training have positioned her to excel in school administration, and her professional track record is proof of her abilities.

Janel’s true talent was demonstrated when she was tasked with establishing and authorizing IB Programs in MYP and DP at a preeminent French school. Her hard work and dedication paid off, and she was able to successfully complete the project, positioning the school for long-term success.

Arnaud Damery

Financial Officer

His professional experiences led Arnaud to hold positions as management controller and then administrative and financial director.

After beginning his career in banking, he evolved in the health sector before joining the private education sector.

Arnaud holds a master's degree in Management-Finance from the University of Strasbourg and an Executive Director diploma from Essec.

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