what's important to us

Our Values


We believe in the transformative power of education for children.
Treating children with respect and teaching them to appreciate diversity cultivates individuals who will positively influence the world.

Academic Rigor

Through rigorous academic programs, we empower each child to reach their full potential, preparing them for the challenges of an ever-evolving global landscape.


We view language acquisition as a fundamental tool for appreciating diversity and promoting cognitive flexibility, crucial skills for navigating an interconnected world.


We provide an environment that celebrates differences, developing students who embrace diversity and understand the importance of inclusivity in a global society.

Home Languages

Internationally-mobile families can find it difficult to maintain their children's link to the language, literature and history of "home".

We believe that an international school should support families' link to their home language. The school offers dedicated time at school for home languages.

To learn more about our home language program, please watch our video explanation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aG0esovJ64Q

How we teach is as important as what we teach.

School should not only prepare students for a particular diploma or career path, it should prepare them for a meaningful life.

Strasbourg, European capital and one of the homes of the European Parliament, needs a dedicated international school. International School Strasbourg educates children from 3 – 18 in an environment that imposes no one cultural model while encouraging them to be internationally-minded.

We support children learning both French or English as well as bilingual children. In addition to French and English language and literature, students will study all curriculum areas (social sciences, sciences, maths, physical education, the arts) in English. The combination of language learning and immersion in a class taught in the language children are learning allows them to progress quickly. International School Strasbourg prepares children for the rigors of university life and will offer students the possibility to complete the internationally-recognized IB diploma in either French or English.

The school’s legal status “Société à Mission” will offer both the security of a private enterprise and the reassurance that the company works towards a specific mission – in our case international education. A governing board, advisory board and non-profit association ensure that the school’s mission is fulfilled.

What We Do

We provide high-quality international education. We understand the local French context. We offer high quality content in an environment that is organized and operates in a way that is different from French schools and compatible with students from different cultures.

Why Choose Us

National education systems train citizens of one nation. International education strives to create citizens of the world. We provide localized international education that both grounds children in the richness of French culture and prepares them for life in a multi-cultural world.

Who we are

School Founders

Guy Mielcarek

Co-founder, now retired

An engineer by training, Guy built his expertise in the educational field for forty years in various contexts. Initially as a Professor (Certified then Associate) in secondary and higher education, then by managing secondary and university-level establishments establishments from 1990 in both the public and private sectors.

After working to establish the school, Guy officially retired from the board in March, 2024.

Janel Hooven-Boulogne

Co-founder, Head of School

Janel is a highly experienced educator with over 20 years of experience in her field. Her background in project management and training have positioned her to excel in school administration, and her professional track record is proof of her abilities.

Janel was responsible for establishing the IB MYP and DP in a French school, before deciding to create an independant school.

She currently serves the IB community as a school inspector (Evaluation Leader) and workshop leader for the MYP and DP programs.

Arnaud Damery

Co-founder, Financial Officer

His professional experiences led Arnaud to hold positions as management controller and then administrative and financial director.

After beginning his career in banking, he evolved in the health sector before joining the private education sector.

Arnaud holds a master's degree in Management-Finance from the University of Strasbourg and an Executive Director diploma from Essec.

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