What? A bilingual French-English program that covers language arts, maths, social studies, the sciences, the arts and physical education. Students are supported as they learn French, English or both. Children acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in middle school.
Where? Children spend time both in immersion and learning the mechanics of French and English. There is a strong accent on knowledge-based literacy through the projects done in class.
How? Each school day has 5 learning blocks : mathematics, literacy, movement, project-work and creativity. Students work on transdisciplinary projects that allow them to develop their subject-area knowledge, analytical and social skills.
Why? Children to continue to develop their language skills and learn more about who they are and how the world works. As they understand who they are, they realise that others are different and learn to value difference. Children are given increasing agency and responsibility to prepare them for middle school.

No previous knowledge of French or English is required