What? A rigorous academic program that covers 8 curriculum areas (Language and Literature, Foreign Language, Social Studies, Science, Math, Visual and Performing Arts, Design and Physical Education). Students engage in at least one interdisciplinary project per year in order to deepen their analytical skills. There is a strong emphasis on community service.
Where? Students have teachers that are experts in their curriculum area. They spend most of their time in a grade-level group and are part of multi-age language-learning groups.
How? Students have 27 hours of class. They start at 8:30 and finish at the latest at 16:30. Classes are taught in English. Students can turn in work and take exams in both French and English. Speakers of other languages receive specific support.
Why? In middle school, students deepen their subject - area knowledge and acquire the soft skills necessary to be successful in high school.

No previous knowledge of French or English is required